Tower Site Management

MidAmerica Towers, Inc offers Management Services that can help increase your revenue and maximize your profits while you concentrate on your core business.

The value of a Co-Location communication site depends on tenants. MidAmerica Towers, Inc markets specific to the tower industry. All tower sites are listed in numerous publications, databases, and web pages. We have a network of relationships with many companies.

Our Management Services include:

Tower Site Operation; Customer Service, Billing, Receivables & Collections.

  • Lease Administrations
  • Lease Re Negotiations
  • Tower Site Maintenance Programs
  • RF Analysis
  • Audits
  • FCC Licensing
  • FAA determinations
  • OSHA compliance
  • Customer compliance
  • Security Systems & Monitoring
  • Web based camera systems
  • Construction Management
  • Assurance all Tenants compliance in regards to OSHA
  • Assurance of 100% tie off while working Towers
  • Site Marketing

The possibility and longevity of having a successful Tower Site is based upon a good quality Operations & Maintenance Program, we have managed 1000's of Tower Installations and Leases. We have the ability to Manage your Site too! For more information, call us at 815-485-7367, or

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